Standard VII - Communication
EPLO 6 - Communication

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Jonathan Taft Sallée

The competent teacher uses knowledge of effective written, verbal, non-verbal, and visual communication techniques to foster active inquiry, collaboration, and supportive interaction in the classroom.

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Saxon Math Investigation 12 - Tessellation
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In this lesson, the students were expected to follow directions in observing and constructing tesselations.  They started by creating simple regular tessellations out of cutouts, then observed semiregular and irregular tessellations, and finally created original tessellations by altering a template, which they applied to a plane.  They finally altered their projects to make their tessallated shape look like a character or object.  The lesson utilized a presentation which I modified, in order to show examples of how artists have used tessellations. 


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The Widow's Broom
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In this listening and writing lesson plan, students listened while I read a story and showed the illustrations for a story in which a broom comes to life and helps its owner.  They students were then instructed to create a similar story in which everyday objects of their own came to life and helped them.


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