Standard I - Content Knowledge
EPLO 7 - Content Area

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Jonathan Taft Sallée

The competent teacher understands the central concepts, methods of inquiry, and structures of the disciplines and creates learning experiences that make the content meaningful to all students.

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            I chose Black History Month as my unit because it indicates many of the things that are important to me about teaching.  History is a story.  It is about connecting with the past.  Bridging cultures is one of its strengths in that, with the added perspective of time, it is easier to see common aspects or even derivation among cultures.  This is a story that connects cultures.

            The story of historically underrepresented groups deserves a sensitive and careful education to level the playing field.  The history that is represented in most texts and in the minds of the teaching population is largely biased towards the majority.  This is not to say it is intentional.  Rather, it is culturally entrenched.  Black History Month is an opportunity to say to each child that just because someone is not in her or his textbook does not mean he or she did not make a valuable contribution to this society.

            Lastly, the subject is immediately relevant.  This is a topic of great concern now.  My hope is that everything I teach my students will be personally, immediately relevant and that it gives them skills to investigate, interpret and interact effectively with the world that they live in.


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