Standard II - Human Development and Learning
EPLO 4 - Human Development, 5 - Learning, Instruction, & Assessment

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Jonathan Taft Sallée

The competent teacher understands how individuals grow, develop, and learn and provides learning opportunities that support the intellectual, social, and personal development of all students.

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Mine Alone: Development from a Single Perspective
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It sometimes seems futile to look back at my own education when considering how I hope to teach, as quickly as educational theory and practices have and do change.  There is a constant, though.  Children are children, as I once was; children grow up, as I once did.  Although there is a significant difference among the developmental paths that children take, there are also constants.  The constants that I am most reminded of through writing this paper are that teachers can never see every aspect, and that we often affect development in ways that we will not ever see.  In this work, my spiritual and personal developments are most prominent.  Interestingly, one of the people that altered the course of my spiritual development in these early days was a Spanish language teacher at a public high school.  Through her, I learned a method of meditation and an early form of the validation of my spiritual questions.  It was a small—but crucial—first step.  Through these experiences, and the many that followed from them, I am reminded that each of us plays an essential role in the lives of every person we touch and that some of us, particularly teachers, make the choice to go into the business of and thus be professionally motivated by achieving the most positive role possible. 


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I have included a brief excerpt on adolescence compiled from two interviews, one taped and the other simulated with a requested cartoon character.  It is interesting to note that while the two children are demographically different, the commonality between them is strong.

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