Standard XI - Professional Conduct
EPLO 1 - Worldview

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Jonathan Taft Sallée

The competent teacher understands education as a profession, maintains standards of professional conduct, and provides leadership to improve students' learning and well-being.

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Meeting Notes
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In the five years I have worked in education, I have attended many staff, team, and subject meetings and institute days.  I have, however, discarded most of the minutes once I was done with them.  I logged everything while student teaching, so I did have some of my own notes, which I have transcribed here.  I purposefully did not clarify to ensure anonymity where necessary.

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The Disciplined Mind
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This is a book I encountered early in my teacher education, devouring the first half with vigor.  However, due to the demands of the Trinity program, I was forced to shelve it before finishing.  I have been anxiously awaiting the time when I would have the opportunity again to explore this fresh persective in education. I am constantly engaged with the improvement of my chosen discipline, and this is a strong symbol thereof. 

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