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Jonathan Taft Sallée

Teacher Education Portfolio

It may be more beneficial that a child should follow energetically some pursuit, of however trifling a nature, and thus acquire perseverance, than that he should be turned from it, because of no future advantage to him.

—Charles Darwin


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Name:  Jonathan T. Sallée
Mailing Address: Bolingbrook, Illinois 
E-Mail: jona...@gmail.com 
Major: Primary Education 
Minor: Psychology 
Certificates: Initial Elementary Teaching 
Endorsements: Self-Contained General Education, Kindergarten - Grade 9
Social Science


Seven years experience working in various roles within the special needs population has emboldened within me a strong commitment to broadening the accessibility of male teachers.  A resident of Bolingbrook with two school-aged children, I am looking to continue my lifelong career in education by utilizing my recently-granted teacher certificate.

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